Why Take Out Directors' and Officers' Insurance?

Directors and officers plus individuals acting in a managerial or supervisory capacity (including employees who make decisions that affect the whole, or a large part of the business of their company, or have the capacity to affect significantly the financial standing of the company), face the real threat of incurring personal financial liability as a result of their actions in the work arena.


Legal actions are commonly brought against individuals by shareholders, regulatory authorities, creditors, customers and employees. D & O cover will protect you against personal liability over a range of circumstances.


Our "SHIELD" policy delivers a broadform cover for medium to large companies seeking quality D&O coverage.


Claim Examples:

  • Directors sued over allegedly misleading statements to the public as to the financial position of the company.
  • Regulatory authorities investigating and prosecuting Directors over the same statements.
  • Creditors and customers taking action against Directors for insolvent trading.
  • Employees bringing claims for wrongful termination of employment, failure to employ, discrimination, harassment, or invasion of privacy.
  • Directors being sued/prosecuted for breaches by the company of OH&S legislation.
  • Class action suits against Directors by disgruntled shareholders and investors.
  • Directors and Officers being sued for alleged misuse of confidential or copyrighted information.
  • Directors being prosecuted for breaches of the Corporations Law.

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